Guided and self-guided Alvar Aalto -tours

A deep interest in both the historical Latin cultural heritage and the demands of modern society was an enduring feature of Alvar Aalto’s thinking and work. Aalto always had a trip to Italy in mind – the trip he had once made or the journey he was in the process of planning. For him Italy represented something characterised by a sympathetic design world of human dimensions.

Now it is possible to explore the Jyväskylä Region’s fabulous scenery, enjoy the essence of Central Finland, and discover both its cities on hills and Aalto’s human-scale architecture on a variety of guided tours inspired by Italy and the master architect himself: Aalto Andante, Aalto Forte, Aalto Bravo, Spirito Aalto and Aalto e la natura. The Feel Aalto tour, in turn, leads to Aalto’s production through dance. You can also explore Aalto’s destinations on your own with the help of themed self-guided tours.

”Central Finland is often reminiscent of Toscana, the home of cities built on hills, and that provides a small clue about how classically beautifully this province could be built”

wrote Alvar Aalto almost a hundred years ago.

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Lake cruise and guided tour of Säynätsalo town hall

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Theme route 1: The Aalto Route

Theme route 2: Bike Journey to Alvar Aalto