Guided Alvar Aalto walking tours

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Aalto Andante

Who was Alvar Aalto, the architect and academician? On the Aalto Andante walking tour you’ll dis-cover how this young, small-town dreamer found his own style and put the architecture of the place where he grew up on the world map. On this tour we move from one turning point in Alvar Aalto’s life to the next, from the young schoolboy to the prestigious academician. On the way you’ll hear fascinating tales from real life and about Aalto the person, his growing pains and the sources of his inspiration – perhaps even a little about plans that never came to fruition…

Point of departure:
Compass Square (Kompassiaukio) in the pedestrian precinct.

Duration of tour:
1,5 hours

from 120 €/group 1-25 persons (for further details please visit:

Tour recommended particularly for:
absolutely everyone!

Aalto Forte

Experience the master of modernism and the stamp of an exciting architectural virtuoso in a genuine urban setting! Alvar Aalto went to school, started a family and began his illustrious career in Jyväsky-lä, home to the world’s most representative cross-section of Aalto-designed buildings. The Aalto Forte walking tour provides an introduction to Alvar Aalto’s best-known buildings within the city as well as a closer look at the special features and unique details of his architecture. The tour also casts light on the origins of the influences that shaped Aalto’s work and how they can be seen in the designs he produced.

Point of departure:
Compass Square (Kompassiaukio) in the pedestrian precinct.

Duration of tour:
2 hours

from 145 € / group 1-25 person (for further details please visit:

Tour recommended particularly for:
fans of architecture

Koe Aalto – Feel Aalto

How does the architecture of Alvar Aalto look from the viewpoint of dance and movement?
On the KoeAalto guided tour with dancer Helen Ratinen you will experience the architecture of Aalto, as well as details of surfaces and forms through movement. For those who know Aalto’s work well, the tour offers new insights into his work. And for the new visitors the tour offers an exceptional first touch to the unique design of Alvar Aalto.
KoeAalto tour is organized by the KSTK – Dance Center of Central Finland.

approx. 1h

350 e

Tour recommended particularly for:
to absolutely everyone and especially for those loving dance!

Number of participants:
max. 30

More information and reservations:
aalto (at)

Watch tour trailer here!

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