Old Church Trail

Kauppala, Hollikankaantie 149
42910 Pihlajavesi

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Old Church Trail

Come and admire the Old Church in Pihlajavesi and the cultural landscapes of the Old Church Trail in Keuruu. The trail runs through varied terrain and is suitable for the whole family.
The route goes via Asemankylä and Sahankylä to the Old Church in Pihlajavesi, which has been described as the most mystical church in Finland. The well-known cruciform church was built in 1781, originally without any permission. As you walk along Valkeajärventie to Asemakylä, you can admire an important local cultural environment. On a hot summer’s day, you should stop to take a dip at the shallow, natural sandy beach in Saha, a particularly popular stop for families with children.

The trail mainly travels in the wild or on gravel roads, but special care should be taken on the section that runs along the edge of a public road (some 3 km). We recommend travelling the route clockwise. The trail is signposted only to some extent, so take a printed map or a mobile app with you.

Starting point/end point

Kauppala, Hollikankaantie 149, 42910 Pihlajavesi


62.347252, 24.352985

Route length

8.5 km. A shorter version from Saharanta to the Old Church (some 4.5 km) is also available.

Target´s maintenance

Pihlajaveden kyläyhdistys ry


pihlajavesi.info@gmail.com / 040 025 6945

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