Saraakallio rock paintings

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39 min.

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41370 Laukaa

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Saraakallio rock paintings

In Laukaa, on the eastern shore of the Saraavesi Lake, you can look backward thousands of years. The 40-meter-high rock formation has more than 100 rock paintings or parts of them, the oldest ones are up to 7,000 years old. The rock paintings of Saraakallio form the largest continuous area of images in Fennoscandia.

The subjects of the images of Saraakallio include deer, humans, saltires, horn-boat theme, snake, palmprints, double images, zigzag and geometric patterns.  Those unfamiliar with rock art scan clearly distinguish 5–6 images, a trained observer dozens of them. The best way to admire the paintings is from a boat on Saraavesi or on the ice in winter. Guided kayaking trips to Saraakallio are organised e.g. by Tavinsulka

Starting point/end point

The rock paintings of Saraakallio are located on the eastern shore of Saraavesi, opposite the Laukaa village centre.


N=6921106.938, E=448333.083 (ETRS-TM35FIN)

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