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In the Jyväskylä Region, you’ll get to enjoy the delightful flavours provided both by artisan lemonades and a local winery. For true connoisseurs, many events where it’s possible to get acquainted with unique products are available.

Welcome to a real culinary journey!

Small breweries and tea houses

If you love good coffee, pay a visit to coffee roastery Paahtimo Papu. Paahtimo Papu’s hand-roasted organic coffee is served by many local cafés, and its coffee can be purchased to go from many boutiques and groceries in the area. You can also obtain delectable coffee from Tahkoselän Paahtimo, a small roastery situated in the rural environs of Hankasalmi. The roastery’s coffee is available from their online shop or from the local café, Kahvila Melli-Elli. At Tahkoselän Paahtimo, customers can buy a brewing experience that allows them to personally brew their own coffee.

For tea aficionados, the number one treat to take home is Teeleidi’s Jyväskylä tea, available at many local food markets and boutiques. Teeleidi’s tea can also be enjoyed in the company’s own tea room – rich with atmosphere and located in Jyväskylä’s Old Parsonage – as well as in many local cafés and restaurants. For enthusiasts of quality tea, TakeT, a tea house in the centre of Jyväskylä, offers a comprehensive selection.

Photo: Paahtimo Papu

Local breweries and distilleries

Many small breweries can be found in Jyväskylä Region. Perhaps the best known of them is HIISI, the names of whose beers show inspiration from Finnish mythology. You can also have the opportunity to enjoy the brewery’s atmosphere at Hiisi Taproom & Bottleshop, located at Jyväskylä’s Lutakonaukio Square. The first brewery shop in Jyväskylä was founded by Panimoyhtiö X. In visiting the shop, you can also have a glimpse into the brewery. Local beer is also produced by touring brewery Hangaround & Nobody Brewing and YMIS, which is situated in connection with the Ohelanaukee farm.

Located in Jyväskylä’s rural environs, the 1000 Lakes Distillery, a family business, features both a brewery and a distillery whose goal is completely carbon-neutral operations. Raw materials as well as a pure spring of their own function as the foundation of the distillery’s products. Kolima Distillery operates in Pihtipudas, making products from local raw materials and nurturing the area’s traditions. Small groups also have the chance to acquaint themselves with the distillery’s operations with a tour subject to charge.

Photo: Taproom & Bottleshop HIISI brewery

Berry good flavours

Fresh berry juices produced at Ylä-Porkkala Farm in Jämsä’s Koskenpää are great for quenching thirst. In addition, you should put the unique artisan lemonades of Jyväskylä’s Liquid Kitchen to the test. They can be found in local restaurants and well-equipped grocery stores. The opportunity to try lemonades is also ensured at the company’s own cocktail bar, DeLorean, in the heart of Jyväskylä.

You can buy locally made wines in Central Finland, too. Uusi-Yijälä’s Vineyard in Jämsä produces wines that are good both with and without food, and they also pair well with any dessert. Wines can be purchased from Uusi-Yijälä’s Wine Shop, or you can try them alongside the delicacies at the Patapirtti restaurant.


Photo: Juho Yläjärvi / BrownBear Art

Events for drink and beverage enthusiasts

In the summertime, it’s possible to experience the exciting culture of drinks and beverages in the form of various events. For those who like beer, Olutsatama, arranged at Lutakko Harbour, introduces new taste sensations, and tourists also get to learn about local products.

Wine Garden, organised towards the end of the summer, combines wine and jazz in the urban environs of Lounaispuisto Park. The versatile range of special events means that everyone who appreciates good drinks and beverages can find something to their liking. You’re welcome to enjoy the unique tastes and flavours Jyväskylä Region has to offer!

Photo: Helena Vepsäläinen / Jyväskylän Kesä

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