8 tips for spending darkening nights in the City of Light

Darkening nights in the City of Light offer many opportunities. Read the tips!

1. See the darkness as a possibility

In Jyväskylä you don’t have to stay indoors when the nights get dark and weather gets colder. In Jyväskylä the darkness is not a problem, it is a possibility! Take a thermos flask full of warm cocoa and go outside to enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful lighting installations. You can use the lighting installations map to plan your evening walk.

2. Go out after sunset

When the sun goes down the lighting installations come alive. The darker nights get, the more amazing the City of Light looks. You can also seek northern lights and beautiful sunsets. You can check here which time the sun goes down.

3. Watch the lights from above

Above rooftops you can see all of the beautiful lights of Jyväskylä. For example the Harju observation tower and Kuokkala bridge offers you a sparkling view to admire.

4. Remember to use a reflector!

Even though the lights of Jyväskylä brightens the city and might make you feel safe, remember to use a reflector when there is dark outside. By using a reflector you become a part of the City of Light and protect the most important light installations; you and your loved ones.

5. Participate the City of Light -event 

The City of Light -event consists 50 lighting installations and light themed happenings. Jump into the event’s feelings here.

6. Get tuned into the Christmas mood in the Illuminated Christmas Park

During the winter months, the Jyväskylä Church Park becomes an atmospheric Illuminated Christmas Park, which surprises year after year with its more magnificent works of light. In the past, there have been, among other things, huge light reindeers and Christmas balls along with a gorgeous Santa’s light sledge. Take a look at the Illuminated Christmas Park here or on Instagram.

7. Go to a magical Adventure of Light

Adventure of Light gives you the opportunity to go climbing in magical atmosphere in Laajavuori Adventurepark. There is a beautiful lighting in the area of the Adventurepark which makes the climbing an amazing experience full of magic of light. More information of the Adventure of Light will be on Laajis website in the autumn.

8. Enjoy the year-round lighting installations

Did you know that Jyväskylä has over 100 permanent lighting installations? The installations are for example illuminated bridges, parks or works of art. Read the City of Light-project’s coordinator and lighting designer Elisa Hillgen’s lighting tips for visitors to Jyväskylä.

+1. Share your experience!

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