The Best Beaches in the Jyväskylä Region

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On this route, you can see all the most beautiful beaches in the Jyväskylä Region. You can also customize the route to your liking and visit only the destinations you want – and why not take a moment to sunbathe or take a swim at the beach along the way.

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Lohikoski Beach

Koivikkotie 24, 40250 Jyväskylä

Equipment: One pier, changing rooms, toilets, lifebuoy, information/notice board. The beach has a shoreline of approximately 40 meters and a sandy area of about 1,000 square meters.

Tuomiojärvi Beach

Polvitie 1, 40200 Jyväskylä

Tuomijärvi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Jyväskylä. It is located close to the city center and offers comprehensive services. The family-friendly and shallow sandy beach is perfect for spending a summer day swimming and engaging in various activities. In addition to a large sandy area, there is also a grassy area where you can spread your towel or picnic blanket. Tuomijärvi Beach has a summer kiosk, changing rooms, toilets, beach volleyball courts, and Street Workout fitness equipment. Near the beach, at Tavinsula, you can rent canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards for water activities. There is a scenic outdoor trail running past Tuomijärvi Beach all the way to Viitaniemi, where you can enjoy beautiful and lush lake views. Tuomijärvi Beach is 1.8 km away from the pedestrian street Kompassi.

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Myllyjärvi Beach

Keuruuntie 123, 40500 Jyväskylä

Myllyjärvi Beach is located in the residential area of Myllyjärvi. Facilities include changing rooms, toilets, and a playground.

Köhniö Beach

Erämiehenkatu 55, 40630 Jyväskylä

Köhniö Beach is a popular destination among locals for spending summer days. Along the long sandy shore, you can either settle on the sun-warmed sand or find shade under the trees. Köhniö Beach features Rantakioski Mahla, where you can get ice cream, refreshments, and snacks. Around Köhniö Lake, there is a nature trail, of which 2.4 km is the immersive Lumo Trail, passing through Könkkölä Farm. Facilities include two piers, changing rooms, toilets, a lifebuoy, and an information/notice board. There is approximately 1500 square meters of sandy area and a small maintained grassy area. Köhniö Beach is 4.5 km from the city center’s Kompassi. Local buses 1 and 2 stop right next to the beach.

Kirri Beach

Kirrin rantatie, 40270 Jyväskylä

Kirri Beach is located on the shore of Alvajärvi in Palokka, Jyväskylä. You can spread your towel or picnic blanket on the sandy beach or on the nearby, spacious grassy area. At Kirri Beach, you can spend your day sunbathing or playing beach volleyball. There’s also a playground for the little ones. Facilities include two piers, changing rooms, toilets, a lifebuoy, an information/notice board, a parking area, two beach volleyball courts, as well as a swing and climbing frame. There is approximately 3,000 square meters of maintained grassy area and 500 square meters of sandy area at the beach. It’s just a short walk from the parking area to the beach, which is 7.6 km from the city center’s Kompassi along the pedestrian street. Local buses 22 and 23 stop in the vicinity of the beach.

Ollila Beach

Matinmäentie 8, 40270 Jyväskylä

Facilities: One pier, changing rooms, toilets, a lifebuoy, and an information/notice board. The beach has a small maintained grassy area and a sandy area of approximately 350 square meters.

Pappila Beach

Koivukuja 10, 41800 Korpilahti

Facilities: Two piers, one of which has a small diving platform, changing rooms, toilets, a lifebuoy, an information/notice board, and a beach volleyball court. The beach has a maintained grassy area of approximately 2,500 square meters and a sandy area of about 500 square meters.

Ritoniemi Beach

Tulolantie, 40250 Jyväskylä

Ritoniemi Beach is located in Palokka. Facilities include a pier, changing rooms, toilets, and an information board.

Huutoniemi Beach

Huutoniemi 41240 Uurainen

Huutoniemi Beach is located in Uurainen, and it also has changing rooms and restroom facilities.

Hietasaari Beach

Hietasaarentie 128, 41240 Uurainen

Hietasaari is located in Uurainen and offers excellent opportunities for tranquil and nature-oriented leisure activities. The sandy beaches of Hietasaari are often referred to as the “Riviera of Central Finland,” and for a good reason. Please note that swimming at Hietasaari is only permitted for those staying overnight.

Hotel Keurusselkä Beach

Keurusseläntie 134, 42700, Keuruu

Visitors are welcome at the laguna-like beach of Hotel Keurusselkä even without accommodation. In addition to swimming, you can also stop by the Hotel Keurusselkä restaurant or take advantage of the hotel’s activity services. You can rent a boat, waterbike, SUP board, and mini-golf equipment from the hotel reception. During the summer, the Siipirataslaiva Elias Lönnrot operates from the hotel’s pier. So, you can arrive at the beach by waterway, for example, from the center of Keuruu. The distance to Keurusselkä Beach is 67 km from Jyväskylä and 9.5 km from the center of Keuruu.

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Camping Nyyssänniemi

Nyyssänniementie 10, 42700, Keuruu

Camping Nyyssänniemi is located in Keuruu. The camping area has a child-friendly beach. Additionally, you’ll find services such as beach saunas, a volleyball court, frisbee and mini golf courses, as well as a restaurant. You can also rent rowboats, canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, and bicycles here. Camping Nyyssänniemi’s beach is located 60 km from Jyväskylä and 2.5 km from the center of Keuruu.

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Kurkisaari Beach

Wegeliuksentie, 42700 Keuruu

Kurkisaari Beach is located, as the name suggests, on a small island in Keuruu. You can access the island via a bridge. In addition to the sandy beach, the island also features a GymPark fitness park and a climbing frame for children. Besides swimming, it’s worth exploring the island’s outdoor trail, where you can find boardwalks and a couple of fireplaces (bring your own firewood). During the winter, Kurkisaari Beach offers opportunities for sledding and ice skating. The distance to Kurkisaari Beach is 60 km from Jyväskylä and 1.5 km from the center of Keuruu.

Kirkonkylä Beach

Matkailutie, 41900 Petäjävesi

Kirkonkylä Swimming Pool is located in Petäjävesi at the end of Matkailutie (Tourist Road). Here, you will find changing rooms and toilets. Additionally, you can reserve a beach sauna at this location.

Camping Sinervä

Leiritie 12, 42600 Multia

Camping Sinervä is located in Multia, approximately 60 kilometers from Jyväskylä. The beah at Camping Sinervä is open and it is child-friendly. Camping Sinervä offers various accommodation options by the scenic Sinervä Lake, including campsites for caravans and tents, as well as cozy cabins, each with a view of the lake. The camping site provides a range of amenities, including sandy beaches, saunas, a hot tub, a gazebo, a barbecue area, a children’s playground, and a café-restaurant.

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Mämminiemi recreational area

Ristiseläntie 13, 41630 Oravasaari

Mämminiemi is located in Jyväskylä, and you can reach it by road or by boat. Mämminiemi offers grill shelters, campfire spots, toilets, and a sauna. Camping is also possible in the area.

Harjulahti Beach

Harjulahti Beach is located in Joutsa, within the Leivonmäki National Park. Here, you’ll find toilets, changing rooms, and a pier.

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