The best scenic routes in Jyväskylä by bike

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Do you like biking and watching the beautiful scenery? Come and experience the most spectacular scenery in Jyväskylä by riding a bike – the Jyväskylä Region’s wide range of bike routes provides a suitable route for everyone, regardless of the physical condition level. Do you prefer to go to the hilly terrain for the purpose of doing exercises or take an easy route just to relax by looking at the scenery? Find your favourite in the list above!

The Lake Jyväsjärvi scenic tour

When you are biking along the Lake Jyväsjärvi Rantaraitti recreational route, you can enjoy the beautiful lake scenery during the whole route. In addition to the lake scenery, you will go past various residential areas, such as the housing fair area located in Väinölä, Kuokkalanpelto with its idyllic allotment gardens along with the Jyväskylä Harbour in Lutakko (also known as the Lutakko Harbour) with its restaurants and cafés.

The Lake Jyväsjärvi scenic tour on the map

The Lake Tuomiojärvi scenic tour

Along the Lake Tuomiojärvi route, you can find many beaches favoured by city residents, such as Viitaniemi Beach with its large park area, Tuomiojärvi Beach and its comprehensive services, Haukkala Beach in Kortepohja, and Rantue Beach, found in the Mannila district. 

Those who enjoy trekking in nature should visit the forests of the Haukanniemi Nature Reserve along the way, where several paths crisscross on the journey to the campfire site located at the tip of the peninsula.  The nature trail is approximately 2.5 km in length and starts at the northern end of Wilhelm Schildt street (Wilhelm Schildtin katu). As for the northern tip of Lake Tuomiojärvi, there are the Vaaraisensuo wetlands, conserved in their natural state.  Birds and beautiful lake scenery can be spotted from the traditional Rautpohjanlahti bird-watching tower, as well as from the Eeronlahti bird-watching platform, which is also accessible by wheelchair. 

Those looking for interesting activities can visit either Laajavuori or Tavinsulka along the way.  Laajavuori comprises the Laajis Ski Resort and Laajavuori Adventure Park, as well as a camping area and the Laajavuori Spa Hotel. Tavinsulka, on the other hand, offers various pastimes such as canoeing, kayaking and standup paddleboarding, as well as ready-made hiking options and programme packages. 

The Lake Palokkajärvi scenic tour

The Lake Palokkajärvi tour sets off from the Viitaniemi residential area, just a stone’s throw from the city centre of Jyväskylä. Starring in the scenery of this route are the Lake Tuomiojärvi and the Lake Palokkajärvi itself with its beautiful shores and clean waters. On your trip, you will also speed past the Palokka Church and finally, by continuing along the wooded sand road, you will reach the residential area of Kangas.

The Lake Palokkajärvi scenic tour on the map

The Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo scenic tour

The Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo scenic tour is a great choice for a rider, who is looking for a more challenging route – the length of the hilly route is 35–40 kilometres, depending on whether you will bike up to Muuratsalo. During your trip, you can see lake sceneries dotted with numerous islands and you will bike over a magnificent suspension bridge, which combines Säynätsalo and Lehtisaari.

The Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo scenic tour on the map

The route with lakes and ponds in Jyväskylä

On this route, you will bike at the heart of stunning waterways in Jyväskylä! Come and experience the most beautiful lakes and ponds in the city, such as the Lake Tuomiojärvi and the Lake Köhniöjärvi, the slow flowing River Tourujoki and the rugged Pond Vuorilampi. You can circle and visit, if you wish, all the sites of the route up to Palokka or tailor the route to your liking and circle and visit only some of the sites. For this route, you should pack a swimsuit with you!

The route with lakes and ponds in Jyväskylä on the map

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