Nature sites in the Jyväskylä Region recommended by locals

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Americans in particular are thrilled to see how easy it is to access the natural environment so close to the city centre. Woods and forests are the place where I would like to take a foreign visitor.

Jari, 57.

Local residents are proud of the natural environment in the Jyväskylä Region. Several lookout spots with breathtaking views cover the area. One of the local favourites is the Äänemäki observation tower in Äänekoski with fantastic views over Lake Keitele.

SF-Caravan Keski-Suomi / Hietasaari in Kyynämöinen in Uurainen is a treasure hidden in the end of narrow roads. It is local residents’ pride and joy; the wonderful sandy beach is known also as the Riviera of Central Finland and attracts visitors in summertime.

Varjola Farm in Laukaa, neighbouring Uurainen, offers a variety of experiences recommended by locals: nature, activities and close-to-nature accommodation. Many locals recommend farm holidays especially to foreign visitors – Finnish countryside is hard to match!

Laukaa is home also to Hitonhauta, a longish glacial ravine, recommended by many. Locals talk about the dusky atmosphere in the place and folk stories mention a goblin who lived in the ravine.

Many people living in the Jyväskylä Region recommend nature tracks and trails to visitors, the most often mentioned ones being Tourujoki TrailLaajavuori TrailJääskelä Trail and Nyrölä Trail. Local residents say the trails are an awesome way of being introduced to Finnish nature safely. Local residents emphasise the ease with which one can be surrounded by nature: some of the nature tracks and trails start a stone’s through away from the city centre and transportation there is excellent.

Also the Laulava Mörkö Trail (Singing Bogeyman in English) and Kapeenniemi area in Äänekoski are popular with many local people. The burble of rapids entertains hikers along the blazed Kapeenniemi nature trail and the area has a number of different water sport activities available, including hydro-speeding.

Petäjävesi is also home to many natural attractions for visitors to explore. Locals love the three-kilometre long Tampinkierros trail that takes you across the Teerijärvensuo nature reserve. Another favourite spot for those in the know is Karhunahas, a small ravine lake close to Petäjävesi and Multia.

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