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The Jyväskylä region is home to such a vast array of craft and design shops that we decided to bring them all together in one place for your convenience. 

Whether you like doing crafts yourself or enjoy handicrafts made by others, you will find both crafts materials and ready-made products.  These crafts and design shops in the region all offer an exciting range of local design and Finnish products. Get exploring to find great presents for your friends and family or even for yourself.

Discover the shops and boutiques on your own with the help of our route! Click here to start the tour of shops and boutiques. Download the Citynomad application here. Once you have downloaded the map, you can continue to use it offline.


Aalto2 museum shop
Alvar Aallon katu 7, 40600 Jyväskylä

The product range of the Alvar Aalto Shop located in the Jyväskylä city centre includes e.g. decorative items, stationery and posters as well as Artek furniture and lighting. 

Tervalankatu 10, 40500 Jyväskylä 

Alpa’s gorgeous alpaca products bring together the finest natural materials, timeless style and exacting European manufacturing standards.  All Alpa products are designed in Finland. 

Design Alonen / Pykälistö
Laukaantie 30, 40320 Jyväskylä 

Pykälistö is a cultural oasis of light art and contemporary art, and the history of the Pykälistö area extends back to 1898. Originally it was an area for guardhouses of the national railway company VR. With renovation works, the wooden buildings in Pykälistö have been revived and reinvigorated. In galleries, you do not usually encounter the artists, but here you can meet the artists before seeing their works. 

KOTO Designmarket
Yliopistonkatu 32, 40100 Jyväskylä 

KOTO Design Market in the centre of Jyväskylä is dedicated to Finnish design. In KOTO you can find a monthly and seasonally updated selection of products by Finnish design companies.  

Glass Arts Hilkka Juppi
Tapionkatu 11-13 C 54, Jyväskylä

Glass Arts Hilkka Juppi offers both glassworks made to order and ready-made gift items. The studio also organises glass courses where you can test your skills. 

Miia Suojala Design
Yliopistonkatu 28 B, 40100 Jyväskylä

Visit Miia Suojala’s studio and basement boutique to admire her design. The collections are designed locally in Jyväskylä.

Taito Shop Jyväskylä
Kauppakatu 25, 40100 Jyväskylä

Taito Shop’s selection consists of handicraft pearls, home decoration products, individual clothing and accessories, local products, inspiring handicraft materials and delicacies suitable as gifts. There are two Taito Shops in the Jyväskylä Region, in Joutsa and in Jyväskylä. Local products in Jyväskylä include e.g. Jyväskylä plywood cutting board, a mug, coffee and popular black and white Jyväskylä underpants.

Korpilahden satama, Korpilahdentie 10, 41800 Korpilahti

Emalipuu brings together two types of materials and two master craftspeople, as metalsmith Ulla Huttunen and joiner Arto Salminen create unique pieces and limited edition works.  All Emalipuu products are designed and manufactured on site, but the shop also features works by other artists and craftspeople.

Toivola Old Court Yard shops

Cygnaeuksenkatu 2, 40100 Jyväskylä

In the main building of Toivola old yard you will find the TitiTyy yarn shop selling natural fibre yarns as well as other knitting and crocheting accessories. 


Sääksjärventie 1, 40930 Muurame 

In Ommellinen you can find clothes, fabrics, home textiles and household items. The Ommellinen clothes are made in Jyväskylä.


Huopaliike Lahtiset
Partalantie 267, 42100 Jämsä

Huopaliike Lahtiset manufactures products that exude closeness to nature such as shoes, bags, rucksacks and insoles. The products are all made from felt. 

Huopatehdas J. Alho
Partalantie 131, 42100 Jämsä

This unique felt factory in Jämsä manufactures wonderful felted slippers for both indoor and outdoor use, and other unique products. The products are made on the factory’s grounds. A factory shop and café can also be found at the factory. 


Mäntytie 17 19650 Joutsa

Pikkupuoti is a family-owned textile business in Joutsa producing high-quality clothes and interior textiles.  The outlet store also sells gifts and home accessories sourced from external providers. 


Laukaantie 26, 41340 Laukaa 

The Kädenjälki cooperative shop is a showcase for more than 50 Laukaa-based artists and craftspeople. Here you can buy products made by crafts entrepreneurs, artists and amateurs.

Puustellin Työkylä shop
Kantolantie 410, 41340 Laukaa

The Puustelli workshop produces a range of knitted and hand-printed items as well as gifts and decorative items made of glass, wood, wire and fabric.  The Puutupa woodworking workshop for its part manufactures  household items, small furniture and toys. The shop also stocks handmade brushes, soaps and seasonal products including candles sourced from other producers. 


Piippolantie 5, 41920 Kintaus

Puupiippola is a toy workshop that has been operating in Petäjävesi since 1987. In the workshop store, you can find wooden toys and products that please especially the youngest in the family. 

Karikontie 1, 41900 Petäjävesi 

The quirky and original Heinähattu shop is located just a stone’s throw from Petäjävesi Old Church.  The shop and café sell a range of handmade products that are sourced from the local area,  The selection includes crafts made with various materials as well as felting and knitting materials and souvenirs.   


Kalevantuli shop
Keskustie 33, 42600 Multia

Kalevantuli makes fantastically unique candles as professional handicraft items. The workshop was established in 2005 and is situated in Multia in the Jyväskylä Region. 

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