What is sauna?

Siirry edelliseen
Siirry seuraavaan

It is hard to imagine something more Finnish than sauna. Existing for as long as the Finnish culture itself, sauna today is a combination of traditions and new trends.

The history of sauna bathing in Finland is nearly as long as our country’s history itself and during the years saunas have evolved considerably. Nowadays there are as many different types of saunas as there are sauna bathers: barrel sauna, tent sauna, infrared sauna, sauna raft, smoke sauna and electric sauna. One can even travel on a sauna bus! Sauna bathing is so important in Finland, that basically every hotel, gym and home has some kind of a sauna.

Sauna helps not only to improve physical state, but to restore own inner balance. In Finland, sauna is not associated with anything sexual, it is rather a place where one can feel free leaving behind with clothes own problems and sorrows.