The most beautiful autumn nature destinations in the Jyväskylä Region

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Delicate colours and an enchanting atmosphere – explore the most beautiful autumn foliage in the Jyväskylä Region and dive into the magical world of autumn nature! A variety of nature trails and spectacular vistas offer great opportunities for an autumnal excursion. Land covered with golden leaves awaits the hiker who wishes to experience the stunning autumn landscapes of the Jyväskylä Region! 

When is the best time to see the autumn foliage in the Jyväskylä region? Follow the progress of autumn with Autumn Foliage Live 

National parks bedecked with autumn foliage

Enjoy the autumnal atmosphere in the wonderful national parks of the region. South Konnevesi National Park is known for its stunning lakeside scenery, deep gorges and beautiful vistas. The national park offers trails of different lengths; just pick the suitable one for you and explore the autumn foliage! You can hike on the trails, canoe on the lakes or just enjoy some peace and quiet at the lean-to’s. The region’s breathtaking landscapes and varied trails offer a wonderful experience for lovers of autumnal nature. In addition to South Konnevesi National Park, there are three other national parks in the Jyväskylä Region where you can enjoy a memorable autumn hike.

Photo: Julia Kivelä

The beautiful Kanavuori nature trail

The Kanavuori nature trail in Jyväskylä offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the autumn foliage just a 10-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are several viewing points along the three-kilometre route with impressive views of Lake Päijänne, Leppävesi and the beautiful Naissaari area, where you can stop for a rest after your hike. Kanavuori nature trail is also easily reachable by public transport or bicycle.  


Photo: Ulla Keituri

Magnificent Häähninmäki

The Häähninmäki lookout tower at Hankasalmi offers breathtaking views of the colourful nature of the Jyväskylä Region. At the top of the tower is a cosy 20-square-metre heated cabin where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on soft sofas or even do some cooking. The observation tower offers stunning views in all directions and, if the weather is to windy, you can also admire the autumn foliage inside the cottage through the large windows. In addition to the observation tower, there is also the deserted Häähnintupa hut, where you can take a break in the middle of your hike. If spending the night surrounded by forest doesn’t appeal, Revontuli Resort and Luontovire with their refreshing services are within driving distance of Häähninmäki.  Häähninmäki’s numerous hiking trails and wonderful viewing points offer an enchanting autumnal excursion.

Photo: Hanna Kansanen

Oravivuori Arc Point in the autumn

Oravivuori’s triangular Arc Point at Korpilahti, Jyväskylä, is the perfect place to enjoy autumn in the region. Oravivuori Arc Point is part of the Struve Geodetic Arc, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tower offers a wonderful view of Lake Päijänne in the distance, over forests and lakes. The path to the top of Oravivuori is about a kilometre long, and along the way you can admire the colours of the autumn foliage as you walk by rocks and colourful trees. On the way to Oravivuori, you can stop in the centre of Korpilahti, where you will find, for example, the beautiful Korpilahti Church and the cosy harbour 

Photo: Jukka Paakkinen

Wonderful Äänemäki lookout tower

Keitele’s autumnal lake scenery can be admired from Äänemäki lookout tower, which offers a magnificent view of Keitele and all the way to the centre of Äänekoski. The lookout tower is an easily accessible place from which to admire the stunning autumnal landscape. The lookout tower can be reached on foot, by bike or by car, and the first platform of the tower is accessible with an assistant via a wheelchair ramp. Äänemäki lookout tower is located right next to the centre of Äänekoski, where you can find several cafés and restaurants, for example. At Äänemäki, you can experience the autumnal magic of the majestic lakeside scenery.

Photo: Valtteri Vainio

Rugged Vaarunvuoret

The rugged cliffs of Vaarunvuoret in northern Päijänne are enchanting. The four-kilometre trail winds through beautiful lakes and coniferous forests to a handsome lookout point where you can admire the golden autumn landscape over Päijänne. The Vaarunvuoret cliffs are located about a 40-minute drive from the centre of Jyväskylä, and the drive takes you over the beautiful Kärkistensilta bridge, which is also a great place to enjoy the autumn leaves.  

Photo: Elina Lamminaho / RetkeilyKS

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