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The Jyväskylä Region is easily accessible, yet far enough north so that you will be able to truly experience all the four seasons. There is plenty to do during each season – either on your own or in organised activities.  In the spring, the amount of light increases after winter, to prepare for the summer, before you can enjoy the colours of autumn.


In the Jyväskylä Region, the length of winter varies from year to year, and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be snow every year.  Usually the period with the most snow in the region is from January to March. When there is enough snow, winter activities such as snowshoeing or sledding are excellent pastimes.  Is there be anything more beautiful than trees covered with snow? You can also ride a husky sledge or try ice-floating!  A dip in a hole in ice is a must! Even in winters with little snow, the ski resorts in the region are open and you can go downhill skiing. There are also cross-country ski trails open every winter.  All you need to do is to choose between the classic or skate style – or both!

With over 3,700 lakes in the region, you will find wonderful winter fishing oases.  Ice fishing is a relaxing pastime, and the ice makes amazing sounds.  Ice skating and tour skating are great recreational activities. However, you cannot be certain about the thickness of the ice, so always remember to check the prevailing ice situation and strength and the weather conditions, for example by asking the locals.
Please also remember to equip yourself for winter with thick winter clothes. Crisp winter air and a hot drink and cozy fire after a day outdoors are the best winter experiences!  There are great opportunities and holiday packages for spending Christmas in the region. Municipalities and cities decorate the streets with magnificent Christmas lights and in Jyväskylä, for example, the Kirkkopuisto park is transformed into a land of Christmas lights!

Winter months: December to March
Amount of light: negligible

Photo: Touho Häkkinen


The first signs of spring usually appear in the Jyväskylä Region in late March. The snow gradually begins to melt and the ice cover on the lakes usually disappears by the beginning of May. We must remember that the region is vast, and the further north you go, the longer there will be ice on lakes. In the spring, the water flows abundantly in the rapids and you can see large chunks of ice in the lakes! In the early spring, you may still get to ski on the nicely shimmering trails. In late April, spring starts to flourish. You can see the first buds in the trees, and coltsfoots and crocuses come into flower in the ground.

Spring offers great opportunities for outdoor activities in the mild weather. Towards the end of the spring season, you can go hiking on the hiking trails or to study the nature on nature trails, and on the lookout spots you can admire the splendid sceneries and the progress of spring. Spring is also a great season for various activities, such as fat-bike rides or maybe a weekend at a spa. Enjoy the culture, for example the many museums and the architecture. Watch the migratory birds that return to the region in spring. The amount of light increases rapidly and May, for example, is a good time to enjoy cruises or various outdoor events. Easter and the 1st of May are big events also in the Jyväskylä Region.

Spring months April to May
Amount of light: increases

Photo: Julia Kivelä


Summer nights may be surprisingly light! Though in the Jyväskylä Region you cannot talk about midnight sun, the summer nights are very bright even in Central Finland. The amount of light increases day by day since late May, and there is light even at night until early August. Finns are accustomed to the amount of light in summer nights, but for those unfamiliar with it, it may come as a surprise. Warm summer evenings and nights make the summer days really long. What would be better than slipping into the lake on a summer evening from the cottage pier after sauna! Enjoy the nature or learn about the culture in the region and visit our UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In the summer, the Jyväskylä Region offers a great variety of activities. You can enjoy different lake cruises or boating, for example. A sauna raft is a great way to spend the day on the water, enjoying sauna.  Waterways are good for paddling, for example and getting on a SUP board is a great way of experiencing the lake scenery For lovers of golf, there are many great courses in the Jyväskylä Region. Go fishing or explore the hiking opportunities in the region. In the Jyväskylä Region, there are four national parks, several signposted nature trails and routes, as well as hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths that cruise the versatile terrain in Central Finland. The Jyväskylä Region is also filled with summer events – there is a reason why Jyväskylä is called the city of events! In the summer, you can enjoy the events and party late into the night!

Summer months: June to August
Amount of light: a lot

Photo: Tero Takalo-Eskola


‘Ruska’ is the Finnish language word for the display of autumn colours in the trees. From late September to early October, the leaves of trees and plants shine in an array of colours – yellow, red, orange and sometimes even purple! The autumn colours of different trees vary, and the spectrum of shades is large. The autumn is the season of nature activities for Finns. Hiking, camping, nature trails, mushroom and berry picking all prepare us for the coming winter. Stop by a lean-to along a trail in the forest to bake sausages or visit one of our five national parks. Nature is close also in the city of Jyväskylä, nature trails start almost from the pedestrian street. Autumn is also a great time to take photos. In addition to the breathtaking views, you get the amazing colours that fill the landscape!   The autumn colours reflect wonderfully on the surface of the water and you can admire the spectrum of colours from the windows of many accommodation facilities.

Jyväskylä is a pioneer in urban lighting, and in addition to energy efficiency and safety, we focus on aesthetics when designing the lighting.  Light increases the well-being of the residents and improves their quality of life. You can enjoy spectacular urban lighting in the autumn in the Valon kaupunki (City of Light) event. Dozens of light art installations will be lit during the event. There are side events connected to light in different parts of Jyväskylä. Before the event, during the dark autumn evenings you can also admire the permanent light artworks. You can enjoy the dark season also in cottages in different kind of light – it is lovely to watch a fire in the fireplace lying on a sofa under a blanket.

Autumn months: September to November
Amount of light: decreasing

Photo: Julia Kivelä