Aeriel photo of small lakes surrounded by pine forest.

The Lake Suurijärvi hiking route

Yölammintie 211, 44880 Muurasjärvi

The network of routes forms a wider whole, which also includes Peuranpolku’s route network. The landscapes of the Lake Suurijärvi route offer rich and diverse varieties of nature for hikers. The area features barren moors and pine forests, but also coniferous forest, marshes and other types of wetland. The wilderness atmosphere is highlighted by small, natural, virtually untouched waterways, which include lakes, ponds, brooks and springs, etc.  Hikers can marvel at the early stages of natural history, such as post-glacial marine stages, beach ramparts, rocky shores and crushed stone fields. 

Hotel room's bed.

Hotel Keurusselkä

Keurusseläntie 134, 42700 Keuruu

tel. 014 3611 000 myynti@hotelkeurusselka.fi https://www.hotelkeurusselka.fi/en/

In Hotel Keurusselkä, you can stay in a cosy hotel room or relax in a holiday apartments for six people. The hotel can accommodate around 200 people and the Keurusharju holiday apartments almost as many.

Aerial view of a sunset in Laukaa

Metsoreitti trail

Ampumaradantie, 41340 Laukaa

The Metsoreitti trail in the municipality of Laukaa is a multipurpose route suitable for a wide range of activities. The 50-kilometre route passes through villages and beautiful landscapes. When there is no snow, the route is popular among hikers and mountain bikers, and skiers love it in the winter. There are 15 lean-tos/Lapp huts along the 50-km route, serving both those hiking for a day and overnight visitors. The route passes through the traditional but varied landscape of the Jyväskylä Region. 

Pihlajavesi Church at Keuruu

Old Church Trail

Kauppala, Hollikankaantie 149, 42910 Pihlajavesi

Come and admire the Old Church in Pihlajavesi and the cultural landscapes of the Old Church Trail in Keuruu. The trail runs through varied terrain and is suitable for the whole family. The route goes via Asemankylä and Sahankylä to the Old Church in Pihlajavesi, which has been described as the most mystical church in Finland. The well-known cruciform church was built in 1781, originally without any permission. As you walk along Valkeajärventie to Asemakylä, you can admire an important local cultural environment. On a hot summer’s day, you should stop to take a dip at the shallow, natural sandy beach in Saha, a particularly popular stop for families with children.

Wheelchair accessible nature trail going through a forest towards a lake

Haukanniemi’s accessible nature trail

Lyhdekatu , 40740 Jyväskylä

When arriving at Haukanniemi nature trail, you can leave your car in the parking area on Lyhdekatu. The starting point of the nature trail is located at the edge of the walking and cycling path near the junction with the route to Haukanniemi. The starting point is accessible. 

An aerial photo of Kartano Kievari.

Kartano Kievari

Saarijärventie 434, 44170 Äänekoski

tel. +358 207 436 450 info@kartanokievari.fi https://www.kartanokievari.fi/

Welcome to the best event house in the Jyväskylä Region, Lakeland Finland and to the atmosphere of an authentic country hotel in Hietama in Äänekoski. A tavern has been operating in the beautiful Suojoki riverside landscape since the 1700s. We are located on road 13, a couple of minutes drive from road four (nelostie) and you can reach us from Jyväskylä in less than half an hour. 

A red hunting lodge surrounded by forest on a day of sumer.

Erä-Iitti accommodation

Ahvenmäentie 9 , 19910 Tammijärvi, Luhanka

tel. +35840 522 2189 info.sarvanera@gmail.com https://www.sarvanera.net/era-iitin-vuokraus

In the Erä-Iitti estate, you can stay in the vast premises of an old farmhouse just under an hour away from Jyväskylä. In addition to the house renovated for the use of a hunting club, the courtyard contains a sauna building and is complete with butcher’s sheds, a granary, and a wood shed, as well as the crowning glory, a large hut. 


Lehminiementie 34, 41560 Säkinmäki

tel. 0447837312 marjo@luontovire.fi https://www.luontovire.fi/

Hidden in the depths of nature, Luontovire is a Hankasalmi-based company that provides excursions on the untrodden paths of Säkinmäki and accommodation close to nature. In the forest accommodation of Lumous, you get to enjoy a splendid scenery of lakes and pine forests as well as delightful sunsets. Delicious evening meals and breakfasts are served at its own campfire site. After sweating it out in a wood-heated sauna, it is a wonderful experience to lay down on a soft bed and to fall asleep to the sounds of nature. The Tunnelmatupa lodge and the Patina sauna form the second Luontovire unit of accommodation and rental facilities where you can meet with your nearest and dearest for an evening or for a small family party. For parties both big and small, Luontovire proposes day excursions to the hidden gems of Hankasalmi. The excursions include sauna and a meal at the Tunnelmatupa lodge.


Partalantie 194, 42100 Jämsä

The mightily roaring Juvéninkoski rapids are in Partala about 9km from the centre of Jämsä. As part of the nine rapids of the Nytkymenjoki river, they enchant any spectator with their magnificent 7m waterfall that comes on its own thanks to a steep rock wall. Waterfalls like this are a rare sight in Finland. It is one of the best-known nature sites in Jämsä.

Koskikaran kierros

Koskelantie 127, 41710 Joutsa

The Koskikaran kierros trail starts at the Koskikara school in Rutalahti and follows the course of the Rutajoki river for most of its route. Along the trail, you’ll find both roaring rapids and gently steaming river bends, as well as a few detours away from the riverbank up into the woods. At the Porraskoski rapids bridge, a path links this trail to the Leivonmäki National Park. 

Vaihelan Tila's main building on a day of summer.

Vaihela farm estate

Vaihelantie 24, 19920 Pappinen, Joutsa

tel. +358 400 889736 info@vaihela.com https://vaihela.com/

Hostel rooms and summer cottage accommodation, complete with sweet strawberries, at Pappinen in Joutsa, set in rural landscape in the Jyväskylä Region.

A cliff and a pond in a forest landscape.

Synninlukko – Nature conservation area

Synninlukontie 140, 42100 Jämsä

Synninlukko, a magnificent gorge valley, is situated in Jämsä. The breathtaking shady gorge valley is a gorge with 50 metres in width and up to 20 metres deep, delimited by steep and majestic rock slopes. Unique and rare plants grow in the area, such as Drooping Woodreed, and the area has been protected due to its lush flora.

Three cabins on the hill surrounded by forest on a day of winter.

Riihivuori Holiday Village

Riihivuorentie 313, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358443252274 info@riihivuorenlomakyla.fi https://www.riihivuorenlomakyla.fi/

A diverse selection of cottages and rooms in the vicinity of Riihivuori Hill, on the shores of Lake Päijänne and in the vicinity of the centre of Muurame, only 15 to 20 kilometres from Jyväskylä.

Two dogs runnin on the frozen lake

Päivärannan Tila

Sahinniementie 70, 44800 Pihtipudas

tel. +358 45 1111 468 marjuthelena.rinne@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/AikaintaaTecumOy/

At Päiväranta in Pihtipudas, you will find things to do in every season. Our farm has huskies, horses, ponies, sheep, chickens, cats, poodles, stoats and angora rabbits. Accompanied by a member of staff, you can get to know the animals in the farmyard.

The forest shore of Piispala camping area, with five sup-boarders walking


Kurssitie 40, 43300 Kannonkoski

tel. +358 207 694 300 piispala@piispala.fi https://piispala.fi/en/

In Piispala, the possibilities for programme services and activities are breathtakingly varied. Our programmes include experience and adventure activities in nature and our surroundings, guided exercise sessions in our diverse facilities, craft and creative content and wellbeing programme services. How about canoeing or climbing, or relaxing in the heat of a traditional sauna at our shore-side sauna facilities?

Person holding horns in their hands


Kellantie 216, 44640 Kymönkoski

tel. +358 407405595 info@eravaris.com https://eravaris.com/en/

I, Ville Varis, now live at our Erävaris Crow’s Nest, at my parents’ former farm, in Viitasaari in Central Finland. Here, at a farm called Leppänen, I live with my wife and our two children.

Vanha Keuruu ulkoa päin.

Old Keuruu

Kangasmannilantie 2-4, 42700 Keuruu

Old Keuruu delights the senses with its splendid cultural environs. Buildings that breathe history, such as Keuruu’s old church from the 18th century and Keuruu Railway Station, chosen as the most beautiful station in Finland, invite you to take a tour in the atmosphere of bygone times. Spend a moment enjoying the shelter of an old stone barn or the idyllic parsonage milieu. Museums, exhibitions and small boutiques complement what Old Keuruu has to offer. You can also experience a memorable cruise on a paddlewheel ship, the Elias Lönnrot.

A child is climbing in an adventure park


Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 400 114 157 info@laajis.fi www.laajis.fi/etusivu

Laajis is a favourite for children all year round!

Niliaitta in the middle of a wintery forest


Hannunkiventie 1, 43800 Kivijärvi

tel. +358 400 429 915 info@villipeura.fi https://villipeura.fi/majoitus/niliaitta/

This hotel site, a “cottage on a pole,” marries the concept of a traditional Finnish bear-proof food cache with modern wood construction techniques. Enjoy the beautifully unadorned wooden furniture with all attendant comforts, sense and experience the surrounding nature and all the seasons in your tall tower in the midst of picturesque pine woods very close to the shores of Lake Kivijärvi. Nearby lie a 3-kilometre running trail, a disc golf course, and tennis courts. Close by is also PeuranTupa, a forest house of art and well-being, which houses the reception services for the pillared cottage as well. A convenience store is approx. 600 m away and the distance to the town centre of Kivijärvi is approx. 2 km. Local national parks include the Salamajärvi National Park about 23 km away and Pyhä-Häkki about 60 km away.

People swimming in the lake near summer cottage

Koirasalmi Nature Cottage  

Koirasalmentie 1220, 43800 Kivijärvi

tel. 040 9398147 koirasalmi@gmail.com https://koirasalmi.com/

The Koirasalmi Nature Cottage in the heart of the Salamajärvi National Park offers versatile services all year round. In the summer there is a café/kiosk where you will be guided to the ring trails that start nearby, or to rent a canoe, a kayak, a boat or a sup board…   

A person playing a drum in the middle of forest


Kivijärventie 457, 43900 Kinnula

tel. +358405212551 marjakristiinasuo@gmail.com https://loytolantytar.fi/

Löytöläntytär provides lovely soothing massages, memorable bath ceremonies, sound trips, and story excursions to the lands of forest spirits.

Two cows in a paddock by the lake

Rantakorpi Farm

Rantakorventie 82, 41490 Niemisjärvi

tel. +358 50 577 5881 johanna.koivuluoma@gmail.com https://rantakorpi.fi/

Welcome to relax on a farm holiday, at Rantakorpi farm. The organic sheep farm, located on the shore of the small Lake Kaihlanen, offers many cozy options for accommodation. On the farm you can enjoy the peace of nature and follow the everyday life of the farm. Children will enjoy themselves with the friendly farm animals:  The cats, hens, sheepdogs, sheep, cattle and horses wait there to be petted. You can buy farm produce at the Lampola boutique. In Rautakorpi it is possible to e.g. go horseback riding or go on a horse-drawn cart or a sleigh ride, or get acquainted with the sheepdogs’ work, and with processing the wool. Coffee and lunch can be arranged as required. You can find further information about services on the website.

Death Pits

, 40250 Jyväskylä

Death Pits are two kettles (holes) located in the Seppälänkangas district in Jyväskylä, just over four kilometres away from the city centre of Jyväskylä. These kettles, originating from Ice Age, have been named as Death Pits.

HimosLomat cottage area and ski lopes


Länsi-Himoksentie 4, 42100 Jämsä

tel. +358 20 711 9200 himoslomat@himoslomat.fi https://himoslomat.fi/en/

The Himos Holiday Resort offers a variety of leisure activities and equipment rentals, both for active vacationers and those who like their own company.

Saraakallio scenery by the lake

Saraakallio rock paintings

Ränssintie 524, 41370 Laukaa

The rock paintings of Saraakallio form the largest continuous area of images in Fennoscandia.

A person watching Hitonhauta


Hitonhaudantie 102, 41340 Laukaa

Hitonhauta is a rugged gorge in Laukaa, formed by the Ice Age.

Restaurant Riihikelo's entrance

Restaurant Riihikelo

Riihivuorentie 313, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358 400 517 511 myynti@ravintolariihikelo.fi https://www.ravintolariihikelo.fi/

The Restaurant Riihikelo At the top of the mountain Riihivuori, throughout the year! The idyllic Restaurant Riihikelo, located at the top of a scenic mountain Riihivuori, serves throughout the year. During the winter ski season, the Restaurant Riihikelo serves warm drinks and tasty food portions.

Interior of a log cabin.


Kurssitie 40, 43300 Kannonkoski

tel. +358 207 694 300 piispala@piispala.fi www.piispala.fi

Piispala is a centre of overall well-being and for us, our customers’ enjoyment and well-being are the main things. We have versatile and high-quality accommodation and sports facilities, stunning nature and customer-friendly prices. Piispala has a total of 242-420 beds in good quality terraced apartments, wooden flats, semi-detached houses and cottages with fireplaces. 

Aerial view of Äänemäki observation tower during summer at sunset

Äänemäki lookout tower

Äänemäki lookout tower, 44100 Äänekoski

The stunning lake scenery of Keitele can be admired from the lookout tower in Äänemäki in Äänekoski.


Vuorelantie 25, 40900 Jyväskylä

The Paljaspää rock hill on the island of Muuratsalo in Jyväskylä has magnificent views of Lake Päijänne.

A person sitting on the top of the Tärttämäki hill


Tärttämäentie 199, 44100 Äänekoski

Tärttämäki lookout spot is one of the highest places in the region with a stunning view over Keitele, Tärttälahti in Kuhnamo and all the way to the city of Äänekoski. Tärttämäki rises 100 meters above the lake Kuhnamonjärvi right next to it so the landscape is really beautiful.

Mäyrävuori Hill

Mäyrävuori Hill

Jääskeläntie 3121, 40800 Jyväskylä

Mäyrävuori Hill is located near the Jääskelä nature trail some 20 minutes drive from Jyväskylä. The summit offers magnificent views of Lake Päijänne.

People on the top of the Laajavuori Hill


Laajavuorentie 15, 40740 Jyväskylä

Laajavuori in Jyväskylä is an urban outdoor sports centre that offers a variety of sports activities as well as stunning views.

Motor homes on top of Riihivuori Hill in the caravan-area.

Riihivuori Caravan

Riihivuorentie 313, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358 44 3252274 info@riihivuorenlomakyla.fi https://www.riihivuorenlomakyla.fi/riihivuori-caravan/

This caravan site is located at the top of Riihivuori Hill, co-located with the ski resort, the Riihivuori theatre as well as Restaurant Riihikelo. We have more than 20 caravan spots scattered around the hilltop area. You can easily find a place you like and, if you wish, your own peace as well. Riihivuori Hill, surrounded by Lake Päijänne, offers excellent views in many directions. Pets are welcome in the area. Shared spaces, including kitchens, toilets, showers, and saunas, are available in the log-built maintenance structure. The shops, restaurants, and other services of the Muurame town centre are only 5 km away. The distance to Jyväskylä is 20 kilometres.

Laulavan Mörön polku Nature Trail

Lohilahdentie 4, 44260 Äänekoski

Laulavan mörön polku (Mörköpolku for short or “the Path of the Singing Bogeyman” in English) is a 19-kilometre (12-mile) nature path in Äänekoski. It crosses the areas of the Syvälahti, Lohilahti, and Vihijärvi villages and passes by many forest moors, lakes, and ridges on top of which one gets to admire views over the faraway forests.


Kapeenkoskentie 67, 44250 Äänekoski

Kapeenniemi is a recreational nature and landscape preservation area with rapid fishing grounds in Äänekoski. Most of the area has been earmarked for recreational use where everyone may hike by everyman’s right.

Mummola cottage

Topinkuja 20, 40270 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 40 2165 522 kaistinen.osmo@gmail.com

Beach and forest

Tampinmylly Camping

Tampinmyllyntie 12, 19650 Joutsa

tel. +358 40 5922 517 jaana.kuusimaki@tampinmylly.inet.fi http://www.tampinmylly.com/

Tampinmylly is a compact and charming campsite close to nature, located in Joutsa, on the shore of the clear and clean Lake Iso-Säynätjärvi. You can stay in a camping cabin, tent, with a caravan or campervan. A new maintenance building was completed in the area for the summer of 2021. Lakeside sauna and smoke sauna on request. 2 self-contained cottages in their own peaceful setting. Isotupa cottage in use all year around. Accommodation in a new wooden hut for 2 persons.

LomaLeivo holiday cottages and Röykkälä sheep farm

Harjunlahdentie 760, 41730 Kivisuo

tel. +358 40 7294134 viola.fredin@gmail.com https://lomaleivo.fi/

Get an energy and wellness boost from a relaxing, close-to-nature break in Joutsa. LomaLeivo’s beautifully-equipped holiday cottages complete with relaxing hot tubs set amidst the attractive scenery of Leivonmäki national park welcome families, couples, awayday groups and parties of friends!

Karoliinan Kahvimylly & Kestikievari

Kuusirinne 11, 41770 Leivonmäki

tel. +358 40 685 85 66 karoliinan@karoliinan.fi www.karoliinan.fi

We pride ourselves on our freshly baked cakes and also serve delicious soups and salads at lunchtime, along with hearty rustic pizzas. With wonderful country style interiors and cosy atmosphere, a dedicated dining room for groups, locally-sourced food and an excellent location close to Highway 4, Karoliinan Kestikievari is the perfect place for everything from a quick break to a venue for your special occasion.

Café Meijerinliiteri

Kangasniementie 1052, 19650 Joutsa

tel. +358 50 548 94 28 info@cafemeijerinliiteri.fi https://www.cafemeijerinliiteri.fi/in-english/

Summer Café Meijerinliiteri is located in Joutsa in the idyllic courtyard of a traditional farm. Housed in a converted dairy dating back to the mid-19th century, the café offers fresh coffee, mint tea, tart rhubarb juice, snacks and seasonal cakes. The plants grown in the yard include rhubarb, herbs, tomatoes, currants, gooseberries, apples, potatoes…and the rest of the ingredients are acquired from neighbours or the Joutsa market. The nearby woods is a real treasure trove with wild herbs, chanterelles, fir nuts, etc. From these ingredients, the café conjures treats that you can enjoy with coffee or a glass of wine, in the shade of a big birch tree. Sounds like an enjoyable day in the country, doesn’t it?


Peiponlahdentie 90, 44280 Sumiainen

tel. +358 40 7642797 minna.sarja@hotmail.com

SF-Caravan Keski-Suomi ry / Hietasaari

Hietasaarentie 128, 41240 Kyynämöinen (Uurainen)

Located in an area known as the Central Finland Riviera, the Hietasaari Caravan Park is an excellent holiday destination for people who are looking to enjoy peace and quiet surrounded by nature. The sandy beaches and beautiful views provide the perfect setting for your summer holiday. There is plenty to see, do and explore, including a playground, nature trails, fishing and beautiful beaches. Hietasaari is an SF-Caravan member site, but non-members are also welcome to stay!

Camping Sumiainen

Sumiaisraitti 2, 44280 Sumiainen

tel. +358500885586 info@sumiainencamping.fi

Villa and the yard in a photo photographed from the lake and pier on a summer day.

Villa Paasirinne

Vihtorintie 50, 42300 Toivakka

tel. +358407220876 villapaasirinne@gmail.com http://villapaasirinne.fi

Welcome on holiday to Villa Paasirinne Villa A Relax and recharge in the midst of pristine nature by Leppävesi lake in Toivakka. Well-appointed luxury accommodation in a spacious log villa (101 m2). Modern kitchen, high-quality cooking utensils, tableware for eight persons, a gas BBQ and smoker box, and a campfire site on the lake shore. The villa has air conditioning and underfloor heating, two glazed verandas, two double bedrooms, an authentic Finnish sauna, a combined shower and laundry room with an iron and ironing board, and a separate toilet. The garden is beautifully tended, complete with a kitchen garden providing herbs, berries and other vegetables and plants that guests are welcome to use for cooking. Private beach, rowboat and patio. The beach has a firm sandy bottom and is safe for swimming. The heat-storing fireplace and wood-heated sauna stove create a cosy atmosphere for a perfect holiday escape. The villa is fully equipped with firewood, sun loungers, different yard games, rowing boat, life jackets, life buoy and fishing rods and fish traps. The villa has been ecologically built from Finnish materials.

An old red house.


Piililäntie 71, 41360 Oravasaari

tel. + 358 40 703 8136 info@nukula.fi https://nukula.fi/en/

Nukula is a family-run guest house offering wellness, accommodation, catering and conference services. We are located in Haukanmaa, Toivakka, among the majestic landscapes and forests surrounding Lake Päijänne. We are a 35-minute drive from Jyväskylä along Oravasaarentie road. In summer we can also be reached by water thanks to a large jetty suitable for docking even large boats. The natural surroundings and two saunas guarantee an unforgettable wellness experience. Sleep peacefully in complete silence in a restored Luxury Granary and enjoy genuine local and organic food. The company has been award the Green Key and Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland certificates.


Parviaisentie 52, 41230 Uurainen

tel. +358 14 267 2600 kirjaamo@uurainen.fi www.uurainen.fi/fi/123/majoitus

The Huutoniemi outdoors recreation area is located in the municipality of Uurainen, by Lake Kyynämöinen, some 50 minutes by car from Jyväskylä. The property includes the main building, a lake-side sauna, campfire site and a boat, the use of which is included in the cottage rental. A nature trail through the beautiful Central Finland lake landscape starts from the property.

Hokkasen tila

Hokkasentie 40, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358 14 631 820, +358 50 327 9180


Marjoniementie 91, 41230 Uurainen

tel. +358 50 5915 077 info@marjoniementila.fi www.marjoniementila.fi

At Marjoniementila, you can stay in an idyllic 19th century vicarage in Uurainen. Accommodation is available in the beautiful main building, the authentic outbuilding or the traditional common room.  All accommodation has the following facilities: shower, toilet, fridge, TV, coffee maker and kettle. The bridal suite also has its own sauna. Guests are also welcome to enjoy delicious meals at the vicarage. The old vicarage is surrounded by pure nature for fishing and berry and mushroom picking. Other activities, such as canoeing and horse riding, are also available.

Hakamaa Sheep Farm

Metsäkulmantie 543, 41900 Petäjävesi

tel. +358 40 506 5372 maija@hakamaanlammastila.fi www.hakamaanlammastila.fi

Would you like to experience real life on a farm? See real life on a farm, help feed the lambs, chickens and ponies and learn how food is grown, and just kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. The delicious, locally produced food will keep you going all day, and you can also buy delicacies as well as wool and yarns to take home. See how wool is transformed into yarn and try your hand at shearing the sheep, teasing the wool and spinning with a spinning wheel. Experience country life with all your senses!

Villa Majala

Vilppulantie 228, 41370 Laukaa

tel. +358 40 558 1733 teija.matilainen@pp.nic.fi

The Häähninmäki lookout tower pictured from beneath on a sunny clear day.

Häähninmäki lookout tower and nature trails

Häähnintuvantie 160, 41540 Hankasalmi

Häähninmäki Hill marks a historic boundary between the ancient hunting grounds in Hankasalmi and Konnevesi. The area has an extensive network of trails that are open all year round and offer fat biking, trail running and other outdoor pursuits. In 2020, a lookout tower tower offering breathtaking views was erected on Häähninmäki. The area also has a desert hut Häähnintupa built in 2012, which is a camping and rest hut for all hikers in the middle of the wonderful hiking trails.

Muuramenjoki lumen ympäröivänä.

Muuramenjoki River and nature trail

Virastotie 6, 40950 Muurame

The Muuramenjoki River runs from Lake Muuratjärvi into Lake Päijänne through the Muurame municipal centre. Muuramenjoki River is 1.5 km long with gentle rapids and a height difference of 12 metres. Muuramenjoki River is also very popular among anglers.

Oravivuori Nature Trail and Triangulation Tower

Vanhapääntie, 41800 Jyväskylä

The Oravivuori trail leads to the top of Oravivuori hill in Korpilahti’s Puolakka, where one of the survey points of the famous Struve Geodetic Arc, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located. The impressive triangulation tower on the summit of the hill is a sign of the significance of Oravivuori, and Puolakka measuring station, in the mapping of Finland. The path leading to the top of Oravivuori is about 1 km long and the rocky slope is quite steep in places. The views from the triangulation tower out over Lake Päijänne are beautiful.

A view from Vaarunvuoret Hill


Vespuolentie , 41870 Jyväskylä

Admire the beautiful Lake Päijänne sceneries and the unique nature on Vaarunvuoret Hills in Jyväskylä.

A view from the top of the Kanavuori Hill.

Kanavuori Hill & Kanavuori Nature Trail

, 40800 Jyväskylä

Rising to a height of almost 200 meters, the steep-walled bare rock Kanavuori is an impressive sight. From the top of the hill there are magnificent views over Lake Päijänne and Lake Leppävesi, as well as over the culturally and historically valuable Naissaari area.

Touruvuori Nature Trail

Raivaajantie 110, 40250 Jyväskylä

Touruvuori Nature Trail is located near the residential area in Palokka.  The nature trail introduces local forest, rock and bogland habitats and leads to the top of Touruvuori hill with beautiful views out over the area. The total length of the trail is approx. 3 km. You can also turn back from the top of Tourunvuori, in which case the total length of the trail is 2 km.

Lemettilän tila

Siltatie 23, 41900 Petäjävesi

tel. +358 50 414 7275 info@lemettilantila.fi https://www.lemettilantila.fi/en/

The Lemettilä stone farmhouse, which acts as an event and meeting facility, as well as a restaurant and café, is available for booking year-round. We are located along highway 23 next to the old Petäjävesi church. The church is only 500 metres away! There are official signs from highway 23. The maximum capacity of the stone farmhouse is 50 people. An outdoor festival pavilion is available during summer. The lower floor of the stone farmhouse is suitable for people with disabilities. We also have a disabled toilet. We have plenty of room for buses, and you can bring your guests close to the entrance.

Vesala course and camp centre

Neulakankaantie 61, 41940 Vesanka

tel. +358 40 535 1657 jklsrk.leirit@evl.fi https://www.jyvaskylanseurakunta.fi/vesala

Vesala can host events and provide accommodation for as many as 150 people!  Large conference rooms, a variety of accommodation options and of course an extensive buffet guarantee a successful occasion for your group. Whether alone or in a large group Vesala can lay on the services you require at reasonable cost. Vesala is ideal for people of all ages – from kids to seniors. Welcome to Vesala!


Sarpatintie 99, 41160 Tikkakoski

tel. +358 40 535 1657 jklsrk.leirit@evl.fi www.jyvaskylanseurakunta.fi/sarpatti

Sarpatti is like a large holiday apartment, which can accommodate a 20-person camp, meeting, overnight stay or an old-fashioned sauna evening! Sarpatti operates on the self-catering principle, with guests preparing their breakfast or meals themselves – so just make yourselves at home, there are no staff to dictate the timetable! Sarpatti is located in Tikkakoski, on the shore of Lake Luonetjärvi 25 km from Jyväskylä – in other words just a short hop from the city.

Koivuniemi camp centre

Koivuniementie 30, 40800 Vaajakoski

tel. +358 40 535 1657 jklsrk.leirit@evl.fi http://www.jyvaskylanseurakunta.fi/koivuniemen-leirikeskus

Welcome to newly refurbished Koivuniemi in the Vaajakoski area of Jyväskylä! Koivuniemi offers modern facilities for camps, conferences, training events and family celebrations. Koivuniemi is open all year round. Tasty food, sauna and peaceful accommodation guarantee a pleasant stay for each and every member of your group. Koivuniemi can accommodate 50 overnight guests, while family events of up to a hundred people pose no problem! Koivuniemi is located in Vaajakoski, 15 km east of Jyväskylä – naturally on the shore of a lake and in magnificent surroundings!

Mutanen camp centre

Raidanlahdentie 22, 41880 Oittila

tel. +358 40 535 1657 jklsrk.leirit@evl.fi www.jyvaskylanseurakunta.fi/mutanen

Mutanen is located amidst impressive Central Finland terrain below Vaaruvuori hill – on the shore of Lake Päijänne. The Mutanen scenery is breathtakingly beautiful – and it is in this heritage landscape that the attractive camp centre was built in 1983. Mutanen provides accommodation, camp services, meeting facilities and catering. Family celebrations at Mutanen are always a big success! Of Mutanen people say: ”cosy atmosphere – lovely! – great food! – fantastic scenery!”

Two persons covered in peat mask smiling to the camera

Laukaa Tupaswilla

Ränssintie 5, 41370 Kuusa

tel. +358 207 410100 myynti@tupaswilla.fi tupaswilla.fi/en

Tupaswilla in Laukaa provides meeting and catering services for 15 up to 130 people. It features the world’s largest smoke sauna, two atmospheric log cabins, tasty buffet meals, Nasu Safari Park, traditional skills competitions and other programme services for groups at advance booking. 


Pieksämäentie 262, 41520 Hankasalmi

tel. +358 40 300 2320 info@hakarinteet.fi www.hakarinteet.fi

It pays to make the trip to Häkärinteet, because here the range of winter sports on offer is first-class. This is ensured by 13 different slopes, 5 lifts (one of which is free), an illuminated ski trail, an ice hockey rink, tour-skating track, a children’s area with free sledges and toboggans, places for an open fire, tasty food in two restaurants, quality accommodation for almost 100 people, an award-winning caravan area complete with library and the latest addition, a pleasant gym. Our fantastic reindeer Wilma and Wäinö are always guaranteed to give you and your family a warm welcome.

Two beds at Apartment Vuolake

Apartment Vuolake

Suolahdentie 84, 41340 Laukaa

tel. +358 14 833 002 myynti@vuolake.fi www.vuolake.fi

The two-room flat of 60 square metres in the Hotel Vuolake accommodates 1–4 persons. The flat has an entrance of its own, sauna and a kitchen recess. Can be hired for a short or longer time. Close to the beach and a boat. Laukaa’s varied set of activities and other services are quite near. Good parking facilities. Reservations either by phone or by e-mail.

Ränssin Kievari

Kuikantie 340, 41140 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 14 311 0086 ranssi@ranssinkievari.fi www.ranssinkievari.fi

Ränssin Kievari is an over 200 year old farmhouse in a location of outstanding natural beauty by a lake. We offer accommodation and meals as well as facilities for meetings and special occasions. Fully licensed. Seating for 150. In summer Ränssin Kievari’s own summer theatre performs in the yard – as it has for over the last 30 years.

A burger meal on a plate.

Barn Restaurant and Bistro Sylvi

Vilppulantie 51, 41370 Kuusa, Laukaa

tel. +358 20 792 8080 varjola@varjola.com https://www.varjola.com/en/front-page

Varjola countryside resort boasts a long tradition in preparing delicacies. Our hearty buffet meals, with seasonal specialties in the place of honour, cater for a wide range of tastes.  We are historically known as a popular venue for festive occasions and as a high-quality countryside restaurant. The Barn Restaurant is open all year round, and during the summer months we also serve meals at Bistro Sylvi. You are most welcome to stop by anytime to enjoy the unique feel of the refurbished old barn building that today houses our bistro restaurant.    Named after the wife of one of the former keepers of Varjola farm, Bistro Sylvi is an idyllic summertime restaurant that serves straightforward foods in the bistro spirit and also operates as a cafe. Sylvi’s menu proposes authentic flavours originating in the Finnish countryside. We make abundant use of quality ingredients grown by local food producers and other small producers in Finland. Bistro Sylvi cherishes a long history of catering in the well-known Varjola spirit: alongside the more traditional foods, we also create dishes with a contemporary twist.   


Rannankyläntie 582, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358 14 631 854, +358 400 546 567 turkkila@turkkilantila.fi https://www.facebook.com/turkkilantila/?locale=fi_FI

Turkkila is a traditional farmhouse in Muurame, in the heart of Central Finland, 25 minutes away from the centre of Jyväskylä. The farm’s colourful history dates back to the 18th century.

Peurunka restaurant world

Peurungantie 85, 41340 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 20 751 6751 peurunka@peurunka.fi https://peurunka.fi/en/

The new restaurant world of Spa Hotel Peurunka offers favourites for everyone. Pata&Pannu serves tasty home-made meals at lunch and dinner. Peurankello Tasting offers new tastes, a high-quality breakfast and abundant appetizer and dessert buffets. Chaîne des Rôtisseurs-winner Peurunkakello à la carte grill treats you to wonderful flavours from the à la carte, grill and children’s menus, utilising local high-quality ingredients as much as possible. Taverna Apollo and Bistro Nemo add the finishing touch through fast food and karaoke. It is time to dance at Villipeura on four nights a week and leading Finnish artists offer performances at Peurunka Areena.

Two persons at the Taulu Manor in Toivakka

Taulun Kartano

Tauluntie 596, 41410 Kankainen

tel. +358 20 7353 400 myynti@acravintolat.fi www.taulunkartano.fi

Picturesque Taulun Kartano is an old country manor situated 30 minutes from Jyväskylä in the direction of Mikkeli. Our well-appointed rooms offer a wonderfully comfortable stay every time. The manor house has 16 rooms and 40 beds, and visitors have the option of staying at the two-person lakeside Villa Riihiranta too.

Ylä-Saarikko holiday cottages

Suolahdentie 719, 41370 Kuusa

tel. +358 40 514 4830, +358 400 639 501 ylasaarikko@saunalahti.fi www.ylasaarikko.com

Ylä-Saarikko offers high-quality cottages located close to a diverse range of services and activities, only a 30-minute drive from Jyväskylä.  Suitable for year-round use, our six cabins are situated in a peaceful environment in Kuusa in Laukaa, near excellent transport connections. All of the cottages have a well-equipped kitchen, a sauna, a fireplace and a rowing boat. Spa Hotel Peurunka and many other services and experiences are located only a few minutes’ drive away.

Piesalan Lomamökit – holiday cottages

Multiantie 830, 41240 Kyynämöinen, Uurainen

tel. +358 400 811 376, +358 400 915 681 myynti@piesalanlomamokit.fi http://www.piesalanlomamokit.fi/

The beautiful, tranquil environment of Lake Kyynämöinen invites you to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the lake shore. Our six well-equipped cottages are situated roughly 40 km north-west of Jyväskylä. All the cottages have a sandy shore which is ideal for children. Also on hand are a boat and jetty as well as a Lapp-style hut or outdoor facility for barbecuing in the yard. The cottages are equipped with a kitchen, wood burning sauna and fireplace.

Veijon Tila

, Korpilahti, Jyväskylä

tel. +358 40 524 0530/Olli Weijo olli.weijo@mbnet.fi

Vihtaharju Cabin

Tikanniementie 140, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358 400 811 476 karilamerja@gmail.com www.nettimokki.com/muurame/4144

Come and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of a five-star hand-hewn log cabin. Listen to the hoots of swans in the distance and ripples lapping against the jetty – and relax. A shallow sand-bottomed beach offers a safe place for children to swim and splash around in.

Villa Tuuliniemi

Tuuliniementie 21, 40950 Muurame

tel. +358 40 701 9244 huvila@tuuliniemi.fi www.tuuliniemi.fi

Villa Tuuliniemi is a cosy holiday home by the clear waters of Muuratjärvi lake. Equipped with modern amenities, Villa Tuuliniemi is perfect for holidaymakers looking for peace and quiet. Its shallow beach is suitable for children.

Spa at Scandic Hotel Laajavuori

Scandic Laajavuori

Laajavuorentie 30, 40740 Jyväskylä

tel. +358 14 458 1009 laajavuori@scandichotels.com https://www.scandichotels.fi/hotellit/suomi/jyvaskyla/scandic-laajavuori

An atmospheric conference and spa hotel set amidst Laajavuori’s stunning natural landscape, offering excellent customer service, delicious food and a wide range of activities. The hotel is easy to reach and we offer plenty of free parking too. Scandic Laajavuori can be easily reached by bus 25 and taxi, too. See JYTAKSI’s fixed price journeys from city center to tourist attractions.

Kikael Craft Shop

Riitunrinne 9, 41800 Korpilahti

tel. +358 45 134 48 33 kikael.liimatainen@pp.inet.fi

Seppä Gallery

Sepän Galleriantie 60, 41530 Hankasalmi

tel. +358 40 047 3898 sepangalleria@sepan-galleria.fi www.sepan-galleria.fi

Seppä Gallery is a ceramics workshop in Hankasalmi. The gallery is based at the former Paanala primary school, which is now used to produce a range of ceramic items from red and black clay. Visitors will be able to watch live demonstrations of our dishes and other items being created, and they are available to buy in our shop.


Piesalantilantie 17, 41900 Petäjävesi

tel. +358 40 847 4424 info@piiku.eu www.piiku.fi